SMM promotion for a Thai massage parlor

What is the company?

Thai Dream” is a real Thai massage salon in St. Petersburg, with which we have been working for almost a year. During the period of work, new clients were attracted through the maintenance of VK social networks, draws, successful launches of targeted and contextual advertising.

What is the client's challenge?

  • The expansion of the customer base;
  • Increasing brand loyalty.

Work done:

  • writing a promotion strategy;
  • visual change;
  • creating a content plan for posts;
  • launch of targeted advertising;
  • creation of advertising creative;
  • draw launch.

For the period from March 2021 to December 2021, 100 subscribers were attracted on the social network.


There are 119 publications in posts and 68 in stories.


Posts collected 1587 likes, 1308 comments, covered 23099 people, ER was 5.15%, ERR 12.53%.


The prank posts reached between 400 and 600 people. On average, 70 people took part. The winners were selected using the @lizaonair service. Draws allowed to increase the ER of the account and increase the number of subscribers.

The total coverage for the period was 32,308, views 67,942.

Profile visits: 4331.

Communication via the link was 531, by phone 46.


During the period of work, I managed to collaborate with several bloggers.