Google ads for the site of a unique fashion space

What is the company?

Star People is a unique fashion space that houses a tailoring and repair studio, a women’s designer clothing boutique and a fabric showroom.

What is the client's challenge?

  • Set up contextual advertising
  • Receiving Applications
  • Increase the amount of traffic to the site

What did you come with?

The client did not use contextual advertising.

Work done:

Stages of the project:

  • Analysis of the client’s site: identification of technical features
  • Analysis of user behavior on the site using data from Yandex.Metrica analytics systems;
  • Collecting the semantic core using the Key Collector;
  • Development of search queries, incl. exclusion of irrelevant;
  • Compile a list of negative keywords and update it weekly. A cross-backing track was made;
  • Writing ads in accordance with Yandex requirements;
  • Coordination of all stages of work with the client.

Created advertising campaigns on Yandex search

  • Collected key phrases for services and products offered by the company.
  • They were divided into relevant groups, where a relevant ad was made for each service.
  • Conducted daily analytics of advertising campaigns with minus search queries, bid adjustments, and A/B testing of ads and creatives


There were 144 conversions in 6 months of the advertising campaign

Of them:

  • Click on email – 37 times;
  • Click on the phone – 97 times;
  • Filling out an application – 43 times;
  • Copying the address – 40 times.

In total, 22,328.88 rubles were spent during the period of the advertising campaign. and received 375 clicks with an average price of 59.54 rubles.


We continue to work with the client and are looking for new ways to reduce the cost, conversion and improve the results of other clients.