Google ads for the printing house "BANNERLORD"

What is the company?

BANNERLORD is a printing house that prints on banners and films. It produces illuminated signs and stands, as well as large-format interior printing on photo wallpapers and canvases.

What is the client's challenge?

  • Set up contextual advertising for all company services;
  • Exclude inappropriate transitions to the site;
  • Expand the client base;
  • Increase brand loyalty;
  • Increase the amount of traffic to the site;
  • The number of orders per month had to be at least 50 pieces

Difficulties that were voiced during the discussion phase:

  • The client did not use contextual advertising;
  • Big competition;
  • Not the lowest pricing

Promotion region:



October 2021 — December 2021

Work done

Stages of the project:

  • Analysis of the client’s site: identification of technical features
  • Analysis of user behavior on the site using data from the Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics systems;
  • Collecting the semantic core using the Key Collector;
  • Development of search queries, incl. exclusion of irrelevant;
  • Compile a list of negative keywords and update it weekly;
  • Development of the USP of the company;
  • Writing ads in accordance with the requirements of Yandex and Google;
  • Setting up analytics systems and goals;
  • Coordination of all stages of work with the client.

What did they do?

Created advertising campaigns on Yandex and Google search

  • Collected key phrases for the services offered by the company.
  • They were divided into relevant groups, where a relevant ad was made for each service.
  • Supplemented ads with quick links and clarifications with USP

Created a responsive ad on Google

  • Daily analytics of advertising campaigns was carried out with minus search queries, bid adjustments and A / B testing of ads and creatives. Also, statistics on key phrases were collected on a weekly basis and, based on these statistics, changes were made in the semantic core

In the first month of the work of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we achieved the following indicators:

  • Yandex. The conversion cost was 1,700 rubles. 14 applications
  • Google. The conversion cost was 750 rubles. 63 applications

As you can see, Google worked much better than Yandex.

Due to the workload of the printing house, the client asked for the next month to leave advertising only for the production of illuminated signs. Since this is the most expensive service and the cost per click is high, we expected an increase in CPA and decided to leave only one search engine – Google.

And here’s what happened:


We received 19 applications, and the conversion cost was 1097 rubles. For this service, the client was completely satisfied with these figures.

The client decided to stop advertising campaigns for the holidays, but next year we will continue to increase the number of conversions and fight for a decrease in CPA.