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Creation of a website for a chain of hotels in the center of St. Petersburg

What is the company?

A network of positive hotels IZZZI Hotels in the very center of St. Petersburg.

What is the client's challenge?

Update the site structure, make the interface more understandable for the user, unite the site page with a single design.

What did they do?

Changed the main page, which displays information about the location of hotels – St. Petersburg and a carousel with location options


We redesigned separate pages for each hotel within the site, respecting the uniform style and corporate colors. 


The hotel page contains commercial data (location, conditions, rooms).


Updated the block about chips and benefits.


Added a block with reviews, which is displayed next to the rooms to increase the loyalty of potential guests.


Separately, they displayed information about group bookings with a convenient drop-down list that allows you to read reviews without taking much attention from individuals, and added information about the hotel and the date when the review was written on the reviews page to make it easier for new users to navigate


A detailed description of each hotel for further SEO promotion and a description of the hotel, values ​​and conditions. The offer was supplemented with a gallery with photographs.

All information on services was divided into plates with pdf files


Site development

1C Bitrix was used as a CMS, on which the site was created. The work was carried out through the working environment.

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