Google ads for a glazing company for space and facades

What is the company?

The company is engaged in glazing facades and interior spaces. The company also sells gates, doors and gratings.

What is the client's challenge?

Set up effective advertising campaigns in Yandex and Google.

What did you come with?

The client did not use contextual advertising.

Display region:

St. Petersburg + Leningrad region

What they did:

  • Analysis of competitors. Evaluated the offer of competitors, their sites. We found out which queries and USPs competitors use in their ads.
  • We collected the semantic core using the KeyCollector. Grouped key phrases, formed a list of negative keywords.
  • Wrote several ads for A/B testing for each product group.
  • Brand queries moved to a separate campaign. Several separate campaigns (different from each other by the advertised product) have been set up.
    We created a retargeting campaign, dividing it into several different groups so that the appeal to those who did not convert was as targeted as possible. Separate groups were created for users who were interested specifically in windows, doors or gates, etc., but did not make any conversions. For each group, targeted banners with promotional codes for a discount were developed.
  • We disabled impressions for users who visited the site multiple times from advertising sources, and each visit was a bounce to reduce bounce costs. According to the statistics, it was obvious that in the case of our client, such users do not make further conversions.

Results of advertising campaigns:

Based on the results of several months and the analysis of advertising campaigns, it was concluded that advertising on Google is more effective and cheaper than on Yandex. It was decided to focus on one search engine that gives the best results.


After half a year of work of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we have achieved improvements in almost all indicators of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We also set up for the client the substitution of numbers and mail in Bitrix24, so as not to miss a single lead from advertising.


An increase in the number of requests and calls, a decrease in CPA and an increase in CTR, together give an improvement in advertising campaign indicators, an increase in client income. Our work does not stop there, we do not stop working with the client and are looking for new ways to reduce the conversion cost.