SEO-promotion for the online store of the company "VICTORY"

What is the company?

The VICTORY online store offers a huge range of professional products for manicure, pedicure, nail modeling and design, eyelash extensions, body care and hair removal.

What is the client's task?

  • Increase traffic to the site for commercial requests;
    Increase the number of applications through the site through organic issuance.

What did they do?

  • Technical analysis of the site – technical malfunctions were identified and a further work plan for SEO work and technical improvements was drawn up, which was completed. For example, when unloading, they saw that the site had 4000 broken links, fixed it.
  • Optimization of meta tags (title, description, h1) in all categories and subcategories for each region.
  • Subdomains for regional promotion are set up.
  • Made adjustments in the webmaster (sitemap, metrics, regionality).
  • Setting the metric (subdomains, linked to the webmaster).
  • Correction of technical errors of the site itself.
  • Editing txt.
  • Organizations for subdomains have been added to the Yandex Directory.
  • Creating a list of sites for placement of external links.
  • Gluing the main mirrors of the site (www, php) + connecting the https-certificate.
  • Changing the presentation of the site in the search results (snippet).
  • Auditing pages and preparing recommendations for changes.
  • Regular work is carried out to analyze traffic, user behavior on the site and analyze the search results for promoted queries.

As a result, since the start of work until now, search traffic has almost tripled, conversions have increased and become regular, and the plan for them has been fulfilled.


Positions have grown significantly despite the highly competitive environment, they have advanced not only in terms of brand requests, but also in terms of the main commercial ones.


Now the work continues, we are planning a detailed study of the content on the site, as well as strengthening the external optimization of the site.