SEO promotion for a website metal manufacturing company

What is the company?

Nord West Steel Elements is a leading metal trading manufacturing company engaged in the processing and sale of metal.

What is the client's task?

The company had a website created and no basic SEO optimization was done.


What did they do?

  • Analyzed competitors, target audience;
  • Created a modern website with a convenient catalog. The design is strict, seasoned, minimalism and clear structuring of details prevail;
  • Gathered the semantic core in the main areas of the enterprise;
  • Created technical sitemap and robots files to optimize the crawling of the site by search engine algorithms and pointing them to the pages that need to be indexed;
  • Wrote informational articles on the company’s topics to increase the mass of the site and the time spent on the site by the user;
  • Attracting the target audience;
  • Now we are engaged in external optimization, as well as improving the usability of the site.

What happened in the end?

Growth of positions and traffic:


For six months, we managed to bring the site to the TOP for many queries. At the moment, work is ongoing.