SMM promotion services

Entrust SMM promotion of your brand to us

What is included in SMM:

  • Creating a strategy
  • Content generation
  • Launch of targeted advertising

It’s no secret that SMM has long been one of the key digital marketing tools.

The purpose of SMM is to attract customers from VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms.

Promotion in social networks is a great way for a company to make itself known, gather a loyal audience and increase sales.

Stages of work

As a result of many years of work with a wide variety of clients, we have developed and optimized a work process that brings the best result in the shortest possible time and significantly saves your costs.
Briefing with a client
Creating a strategy
Writing a content plan
Interaction with the audience
Launch of targeted advertising
Performance Tracking

We'll do it for you FREE AUDIT

Still in doubt? Our specialists will conduct a free audit for you, during which we will draw up a detailed action plan, describe what negative factors are, what has been done well, and what can be improved.
The result of a comprehensive audit is a ready-made business plan for you!

SMM promotion services

Service package “Basic”

30 000 rub. 10 000 rub.

Service package “Basic”

Service package “Standard”

50 000 rub. 30 000 rub.

Service package “Standard”

Service package “Premium”

60 000 rub. 40 000 rub.

Service package “Premium”

Service package “Ultra”

70 000 rub. 50 000 rub.

Service package “Ultra”

Why us?



We are responsible for the result of our work subject to the terms of the contract



3 days after contacting us, you will already receive the first user on the site



We work with a decrease in the cost per click, increase the conversion and CTR.

We guarantee you

scope and timing executed works
The entire volume and terms of work are negotiated with customers in advance and are fixed in the contract.
quality executed works
We have been working in this area for more than 9 years, we know all the features of our work and are ready to solve even the most complex and non-standard issues in order to achieve and realize our goals.
regular feedback
You are assigned a personal manager who manages your project and promptly answers all questions that arise in the process of work.
analytics and reporting
We provide progress reports at any time upon your request. We make a full analysis of the results obtained and give recommendations for further actions.
All data provided by you, we use only to achieve our goals and do not transfer to third parties.


What is an SMM strategy?
An SMM strategy is the basis from which you should start planning promotion in social networks. It includes: analysis of competitors and target audience, setting goals and objectives, drawing up a content plan.
Do I need to use paid promotion methods?
At the moment, the competition in social medias is very high, and the newly minted algorithms do not display business page posts in organic results. Therefore, the use of targeted advertising in social medias is a direct necessity.
How much advertising budget should you allocate each month?
There is no universal budget. The cost of the budget that needs to be invested depends on many factors, such as niche, number of competitors, audience. We will launch a test campaign and then present you with the most effective media plan.
How will social media help my business?
Social medias are numerous opportunities for your business, because among the millions of users are your potential customers. Thanks to social medias, a brand can form and maintain a certain reputation, increase user loyalty and increase sales.
How will you keep the audience active?
It is not enough to simply publish information and pictures. In order for users to be involved, it is necessary to correctly balance the content. To do this, the content plan provides for communicative, commercial, informational and entertainment types of content. To make communication exciting, to joke in time, to defend the reputation of your brand - this is the superpower of an SMM specialist.