Yandex.Webmaster service video guide

Yandex.Webmaster ( is an indispensable service for website owners. With it, you can add a site to a search engine, set up site indexing, receive information about indexing errors, and transfer data to various services and Yandex search.

Yandex.Shell for mobile devices on Android

Visual three-dimensional interface for smartphones and tablets on Android: (for installation from phone).

Free for users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Google Chrome is faster than you think

Google Chrome Coffee Promotional Video

Google Chrome “Coffee” – a new video about a romantic in love who dreams of getting his girlfriend back. Anton uses the power of the Internet to remind Nika of the time they were together. Let’s see if Nika feels that she is “the one”. Download Google Chrome browser here

Yandex.Navigator app for iPhone and Android

Yandex.Navigator – Free traffic-free navigation throughout Russia and Ukraine.

More about the app:

Clothing on Yandex.Market. Time to get dressed up

Everyone who was born in the USSR had mittens with an elastic band and a hat with a pompom. Moms fought to get us something unusual, not like everyone else. And now there is – you don’t even need to leave your house to buy fashionable clothes and shoes.

Google Chrome: The story of the creation of Boris Akimov's website

How Boris Akimov – a lover of delicious food, and now a successful businessman – changed the lives of farmers and townspeople. Watch our Google Chrome video starring the creator of LavkaLavka. Download Google Chrome browser:

GMail Art: Google Mail Promotional Video

Start mail at

Yandex.Taxi app - defiantly fast

Order a taxi without calling the dispatcher in the Yandex.Taxi application for iPhone and Android or on the website

Yandex.Disk app for Android devices

Yandex.Disk is a free service that makes your photos, videos, and documents available to you from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. And by downloading the application to your phone or tablet, you will literally carry the files with you.

Google voice search on mobile devices

Search Google from your mobile using your voice. No need to type the request with the keys – just say the requests out loud!

Holding the Internet forum Big Tent in Moscow

The first Russian Big Tent forum on the impact of the Internet on society, economy and culture. April 25, 2012, RIA Novosti

How Yandex.Browser was created - commercial

The video was shot by the Yandex.Browser development team, the plot is based on real events.

How to set up an account in Outlook Express

How to set up Outlook Express to work with Yandex.Mail

Google Drive - secure storage of your data

Introducing the latest Google Drive. Now you have access to your files, even the largest ones, wherever you are. Share them with anyone and edit together in real time. Read more at

How to stay safe on YouTube

Educational video from YouTube on how to use the possibilities of video hosting and stay safe

Robots.txt - create, fill, disable

An accessible story about the robots.txt file – what it is, what it is for and how it works. Compilation of the simplest robots.txt file in real time.

Details about Yandex search personalization

Yandex search has become personal. Now he offers the user tips and answers, taking into account his interests and preferences. Andrey Strelkovskiy and Andrey Plakhov, who worked on personalization, shared the details of how they were working on their tasks, what was the most difficult and how the search has changed.

The history of the creation of the Google Chrome browser

Watch the video clip created by the development team about how they developed the ideas and features of the browser when creating Google Chrome.

Conference Google Developer Day Moscow 2010

Google Developer Day is a one-day conference that features talks about Google’s developer tools. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know the Google engineers working on these technologies. Read more here.

Unique technology - machine translation in Yandex

What distinguishes Yandex.Perevod from other statistical translators is the auto dictionary, a unique technology developed by Yandex’s team of linguists and programmers. Aleksey Baitin, head of the service, talks about how machine translation technologies have developed and how Yandex is working on them.

Useful Yandex.Search app for iPad

Yandex.Search makes Internet searches on iPad easier and faster. Open any number of tabs, work with the search results page and sites at the same time. Get quick ready-made answers to popular queries: for example, the location of cafes or ATMs on a map or pictures on a topic of interest to you.

Safe Mode on YouTube - how to set it up

A tutorial video on how to set up YouTube Safe Mode to keep kids and teens from watching inappropriate content.

Search for companies and organizations on Google Maps

Learn how to find the businesses and places you need on Google Maps. Search by name, type of institution, as well as search nearby with a given place.

Data about your organization in Yandex.Directory

Search and Yandex.Maps are used by millions of people. How do you get them to find your organization? Add it to the Directory and specify additional parameters. A short video tutorial on how to work with the Directory will help you.

Web Standards Days at Yandex Moscow office

On November 24, 2012, the Moscow office of Yandex hosted the 13th Web Standards Days meeting, jointly organized by the Yandex team and the Web Standards Association of Developers with the support of the W3C.

How to add your organization to Google Maps

Learn how to add your organization to Business Center on Google Maps.

Useful video about what is the Google content network

Video about (first part) how exactly the content network helps to increase sales and the number of potential customers.

Clustering duplicates in image search

Alexander Krainov and Alexander Osipov talk about the clustering of duplicates in Yandex image search.

Pictures for all occasions - Yandex. Pictures

Five life situations when Yandex.Pictures will help you. Look for the pictures you need on

Flexible contextual ad formats

Video about (second part) how exactly the content network helps to increase sales and the number of potential customers.

Ability to track website performance

Video about (third part) how the content network helps to increase sales and the number of potential customers.

Definition of unfamiliar words using Yandex

Is it impossible to know everything? Every day we meet with unfamiliar words and concepts. Yandex search will explain what they mean